Sound Therapy

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound, a powerful therapeutic method, is recognised in the field of Integrative Medicine. 

The holistic approach of Sound Therapy has the potential to promote healing, reduce Pain and positively alter the process or feelings of dis-ease.

Sound, experienced in our bodies during a treatment, can delicately restore Balance, both on a physical and emotional level.

A serene mind and tranquil body is Empowering, creating clarity of thought and Freedom.

Re-discover your true self. Master and enjoy confidence. Simply Be!

Why Do Sound Therapy?

How Might Sound Therapy Benefit You?

  • Ease pain, from more recent to past pain, both physical & emotional. Soothe & renew
  • Nurture self-care. Recalibrate sleep & mood. Relieve stress & foster healing

Sound Therapy With Claudia is:

What Might You Experience Through Sound Therapy? 

  • Profound relaxation in mind & body, alleviating discomfort
  • A transformative experience of soothing tranquility  
  • Emotional repose introducing a greater sense of freedom

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What People Say


 “The goal of Sound Therapy is that every moment of our LIFE and every ACTION be in HARMONY” 

 J Beaulieu